From the 22nd October we shall be located in Pymble.
Evening & Sunday appointments will be  available.


What is EyeBrow Feather Touch?

EyeBrow Feather Touch is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hair like strokes to fill in sparse, thining or non-exsistent brows.

My joy is to make your life better with Feather Touch EyeBrows, that are subtle, natural, and designed to suit your face.

Seriously, I can do that.

​My philosophy is to ensure that the EyeBrows suit the individual face. 

No more wasting precious time drawing in your brows every day, and you will look and feel amazing.
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About the Artist 
Jane Simpson - Accredited Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

This not just just Jane's career, it is her passion. 

Combine that passion with a life long EyeBrow obsession she has been incredibly successful since beginning her Eyebrowing journey in 2015.  She is committed to providing her clients with the safest, most effective treatments.

Jane is not just Certified she is fully Government Accredited which means ​government-approved and nationally-recognised qualifications.

This qualifications allows her a to be awared the Cosmetic Tattoo  APAN Registered Practitioner(CTARP) 1022 member of the Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Service (APAN). One of only 18 in Australia.

Your're in good hands!

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